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Charter Of The City Of Anaheim
Charter Of The City Of Anaheim
Article I. Name Of City
Article II. Boundaries
Article III. Rights, Liabilities And Succession
Article IV. Powers Of City
Article V. City Council
Article VI. City Manager
Article VII. Officers And Employees
Article VIII. Left Blank Intentionally
Article IX. Appointive Boards And Commissions
Article X. Personnel System
Article XI. Retirement
Article XII. Fiscal Administration
Article XIII. Elections
Article XIV. Franchises
Article XV. Miscellaneous
Title 1. Administration
Title 2. Taxes
Title 3. Business Licenses*
Title 4. Business Regulation
Title 5. Bicycles
Title 6. Public Health And Safety
Title 7. Morals And Conduct
Title 8. Animals
Title 9. Radio And Electronics
Title 10. Public Service And Utilities
Title 11. Public Property
Title 12. Streets And Sidewalks
Title 13. Parks And Boulevards
Title 14. Traffic
Title 15. Buildings And Housing
Title 16. Fire
Title 17. Land Development And Resources
Title 18. Zoning
Statutory References For California Cities
General Provisions
Administration and Personnel
Revenue and Finance
Business Licenses, Taxes and Regulations
Public Health and Safety
Public Peace, Morals and Welfare
Vehicles and Traffic
Streets, Sidewalks and Public Places
Public Services
Buildings and Construction
Grading, Excavations and Fills
Environmental Protection
Street Vacations And Closures
Table Of Ordinances Codified