Revenue and Finance  

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  • Claims against public entities

    Gov. Code §§ 900 et seq.

    Contracting by local agencies

    Pub. Contracts Code §§ 20100 et seq.

    Financial powers

    Gov. Code §§ 37200 et seq.

    Local agency service fees and charges

    Gov. Code §§ 66013 et seq.

    Property tax assessment, levy and collection

    Gov. Code §§ 43000 et seq.

    Public works and public purchases

    Gov. Code §§ 4000 et seq.

    Real property transfer tax

    Rev. and Tax. Code §§ 11901 et seq.

    Sales and use tax

    Rev. and Tax. Code §§ 7200 et seq.

    Special gas tax street improvement fund

    Str. and Hwys. Code §§ 2106 et seq.

    Transfer of tax function to county

    Gov. Code §§ 51500 et seq.

    Transient occupancy tax

    Rev. and Tax. Code §§ 7280 through 7283

    Unclaimed property

    Civil Code §§ 2080 et seq.

    Uniform public construction cost accounting act

    Pub. Contracts Code §§ 22000 et seq.