Street Vacations And Closures  

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    106   Closing portions of Caroline St, Regina St, 1st No., 2nd No., 3rd No., 4th No., 1st So., 2nd So., 3rd So., 5th So., 6th So., 7th So.

    111   Closing part of 5th No., 6th No., 7th No., Adelaide St., Clementine St.

    119   Closing part of Kraemer St., Carlton Ave., alley between Lemon St. and Kraemer St., and between Kraemer St. and Los Angeles St.

    183   Vacate two alleys in Orange Grove Tract

    222   Closing part of Elizabeth St. and alley between West St. and Walnut St.

    241   Closing Broad St.

    255   Closing part of 3rd St.

    284   Closing part of West Sycamore St.

    787   Intent to vacate east 25 feet of Block "D" of Heimann and Sorrenson's Addition

    792   Intent to vacate south 8 feet of Lot 10, Tract 1071 on map in Book 34, Page 39 of Misc. Map Records of Orange County

    793   Intent to vacate alley in Lots 1 and 2, Tract 525, Book 32, Page 35

    796   Intent to vacate portions of streets in Theodore Reiser's Subdivision

    809   Vacate alley between Lots 1 and 2, Tract 525, Book 32, Page 35

    838   Vacate part of Vermont Ave.

    855   Intent to vacate Kemp St. and Alley in Gresswell Subdivision

    881   Intent to vacate road easement

    891   Intent to vacate part of Pythias Ave. and easement

    939   Intent to vacate Westmont Drive and West North St.

    940   Intent to vacate part of alley in Tract 1843

    967   Abandon part of Nutwood St.

    1003   Vacate easement in 6 feet of Lot 1, Tract 1994

    1007   Vacate easement in 5 feet of Lots 7 — 12, Tract 2090

    1029   Vacate road easement in Anaheim Investment Co. Tract

    1049   Vacate alley in Tract 11

    1062   Abandon portions of Cypress St., Illinois St., and Ohio St.

    1106   Abandon alley in Tract 2302

    1133   Vacate part of Gum Road and unnamed road in Townsend Subdivision

    1134   Vacate part of Chestnut St.

    1152   Vacate part of Carleton St.

    1161   Abandon easement in road (Magnolia School)

    1214   Vacate alley in Tract 3147

    1235   Abandon Stearn's Rancho Road

    1241   Abandon alley north of La Verne St. and east of Citron St.

    1245   Abandon Villa Place

    1312   Abandon part of Rhodes Ave.

    1326   Abandon utility easement in East Center St.

    1331   Abandon alley in Hotel Del Campo Tract

    1334   Abandon part of Winston St.